Nick & Jake et al. in Sunriver
Aug 06-13, 2018

Fort Rock.

Newly enlarged/ remodeled hot tub area.

Nick happened to look at the wicker vase behind the
adjustable chair, and noticed something unusual.

After "playing" with N&J for ~5 min [joke!]

Power Jump in the Village.

Click here for video of Nick demonstrating double backflip and double forward flip.

Fun with dirt and hose (spray nozzle) in the area between deck and bike path.

Ken & Kristen on a tandem bike.

In Deschutes River next to Mary McCallum Park.

On Cardinal Bridge: Steve & Ken.

Kristen & Ken.

End of the line in Lava River Cave (accompanied by Papi [Steve] &
uncle Kenny; Nana [Chris] & aunt Kristen opted to stay outside).

In Sunriver Village. Tents are for annual Art Fair.
Bottom: Nick, Jake, Ken, Kristen.
Top: Chris, Steve.

En route from Redmond airport back to Denver.

Back at home in Parker CO, next day ...