Great Wolf Lodge (Colorado Springs)

Jan 2018. Nick, Jake, Chris, Steve

Hmm. Where do those stairs go?

Some of the 4 major water slides in the waterpark area are visible here. They start on various levels (you climb stairs). The green tube is the most feared slide, "Wolf Tail" -- it starts (on highest level) with you standing on a trap door, which opens after "3-2-1" countdown, and you fall straight down 10 ft before tube starts to change direction. "Mountain Edge Raceway" (blue/ orange) is at right. In the middle (orange/ yellow) is the terminal portion of "Howlin' Tornado" -- also known as "toilet bowl" because your raft twirls around a big circle a couple of times before you enter lower portion of tube.

Terminal portions of Wolf Tail (green) and Mountain Edge Raceway (blue/ orange). Blue mats
hanging on rack in center of photo are what you use to go down Mountain Edge Raceway.

The wave pool. Every ~12 minutes, a loud "wolf howl" sounds over the loudspeakers, all the kids start screaming,
and ~1-2-ft waves proceed to travel the length of the pool for ~4 min. They originate from the corner at left rear.

Kiddie pool area.

Views from various directions of "Fort MacKenzie". The large bucket at top center of this & following photo
steadily fills with water, and periodically tips over to release huge water splash in all directions.

Central area where parents (or grandparents, as the case may be) sit to keep an eye on kids.

Nick at end of Mountain Edge Raceway.

Nick waits for Steve ("Papi") to emerge at end of the infamous Wolf Tail (see description above), on Mon.
He asked me ~15 times during Sat & Sun if I would do this slide, and whether I "felt nervous".

Papi survives Wolf Tail. Barely. Janice commented on Facebook, "Nick looks worried".
(Actually, I did Wolf Tail 5 times.)

Nick & Jake (foreground) in wave pool.

Papi (red shirt) in wave pool.

Next to the waterpark area is a large amusement park area which includes mini-golf, mini-bowling, aerial rope
bridges, rock climb, tree fort, video-game arcade, and so forth. The boys collected hundreds of "prize tickets"
in the arcade which were eventually exchanged for misc. toys at a counter. This unicorn was Jake's pride & joy.