Doan family reunion
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA
August 08-11, 2009

Descendants of John and May Doan. People present at this reunion are highlighted.

"Where it all started"

Jean, Marian, John Doan, Frances (Tahe), Anna May

Marian, Anna May, Tahe, Jean (in Yuma, AZ)

Marian, Tahe, Jean, Anna May

Descendants of Fletcher Doan (brother of John Doan); very abridged. People present at this reunion are highlighted.

In or near the Nautilus conference room

Franki, Jordan, Brian, George [photo: Ann & Ev]

Emily, David, Ron, Bill, Kathie B, Carol, Erica, Noah, Herbert, Ann [photo: Leslie]

Chris M, Bert, Cathy, Steve A, Bronwen [photo: Ann & Ev]

Jody, Kelly, Chris J, Bill [photo: George]

Steve S, Gayle, Kelly, Franki [photo: Ann & Ev]

Walt, Amy (on floor), Chris J, Robin, Barbara, Carol (foreground),
Joanie, Roger, Ray, Steve S, Norm [photo: Steve A]

Ann, Kathie B, Becky [photo: Leslie]

Don, Greg, Alice, Kathie B, Bill [photo: Ann & Ev]

Bert, Ursula, Elaine (back of head), Chris M, Herbert, Cathy E [photo: Steve A]

Evelyn [photo: Leslie]

Don, Kelly, Steve S, Franki [photo: Leslie]

Bill, Greg, Ron, Lotta, David [photo: Ann & Ev]

Carol, Bill, Greg [photo: Leslie]

Chris J, Joanie, Roger, Carol (back of head), Ray [photo: Steve A]

Lesley N, Steve S, Ursula, Kelly, Gordon [photo: Ann & Ev]

"The Paris 4": Alice, Leslie D, Carol, Franki [photo & caption: Leslie]

Kathie B, Gene [photo: Leslie]

"Don's dream" [photo & caption: Leslie]

"Don's reality" [photo & caption: Leslie]

Jody, Kathie B, Carol [photo: Steve A]

Cheri, Alice [photo: Leslie]

Gene, Herbert, Larry, Robin, Roger [photo: Ann & Ev]

Herbert [photo: Leslie]

showtime with Bert and Eric [photo & caption: Leslie]

(front) Marian T, Walter; (back) Cheri, Amy, Becky, Missy [photo: Cheri's camera]

Walt, Georgia [friend of Amy; not a relative], Amy [photo: Leslie]

Ruth making nametags [photo: Leslie]

Larry, "mountain man" Roger, Joanie [photo & caption: Leslie]

Rachel, Ryan, Emily, Steve A, Chris M, Evelyn, Eric, Carol, Noah [photo: Ann & Ev]

Mac, Leslie D, Evan, Ann [photo: Leslie's camera]

Xander, Kelly, Barbara, Steve S, Patrick Speckman [Jillian's boyfriend], Jillian, Gordon, Lesley N, Ursula [photo: Ann & Ev]

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