Visit with Ken at Whitman College, Feb 29 - Mar 01, 2008.

We (Steve & Chris) drove to Walla Walla on Fri, Feb 29 for our second visit. Our first visit was in Dec 2004 (see page here).

At that time, Ken was a lowly freshman, living in an on-campus dorm. During his sophomore and junior years, he lived in frat houses just off-campus. This year he's a mighty senior, sharing a large, rented 3-level house with two other seniors. Location of the house, as well as various points of interest on campus, are shown below.

Front yard of the house (416 Cypress St.), looking west toward Whitman campus.

Ken's car ('89 Camry).

The house (front, side, back).

Front porch.

Living room.

Dining room, around corner from living room and kitchen. Note roll of chicken wire in the corner.


"Music room" in basement. Basement also has a "video game room" (not shown) featuring many vintage Super Nintendo games. One of the housemates, Kento, is a skilled musician and they like to jam. Note: the third housemate, Greg, has a buddy from high school named Kent who often comes to visit. On such occasions, Ken, Kent, and Kento are "in the house".

Ken's room, on second floor.

Ken's girlfriend is Brigitte.

OK, end of guided house tour.

Activities on Fri:

At 4 PM, we all attended a performance at the "Catharine Chism Recital Hall" in the Hall of Music (see map above), by the Divertimento Chamber Orchestra. The members of this orchestra, as well as the conductor, are Whitman students. The piano soloist is a music dept. faculty member. They performed Mendelssohn's "Hebrides overture", Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor (4th movement), and Shostakovich's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major.

We toured the broadcast studio and music library of campus radio station KWCW-FM, from which Ken and his friend John Frasene host a weekly music show, Sundays at 4 PM (see station web site). The studio is located on the second floor of Reid Campus Center.

We walked a couple of blocks from Reid to the Ferguson fitness center and pool, the newest building on campus. The pool is Olympic-size, and the fitness center is quite impressive. Each cardio machine has its own self-contained TV screen, with a huge variety of channels to choose from.

A much-ridiculed sculpture located between Cordiner Hall and the fitness center.

The outside of the fitness center. (I politely refrained from taking photos inside.)

We drove out to the wheat fields north of town, an area noted for spectacular sunsets. Unfortunately, there were clouds on this particular day. The wheat fields are on gently rolling hills. They look like the Windows XP desktop image.

We took Ken & Brigitte for dinner at "El Sombrero", a favorite Mexican restaurant coincidentally located directly across the street from our hotel.

There were other potential activities later that evening (a stand-up comic at 8 PM, and student "coffeehouse" performances at 9 PM, both at Reid Campus Center). But we figured these would be geared to college kids rather than to old fogeys like us, so we retired to our hotel while K&B went on their merry way.

Activities on Sat:

The only activity of which I have photos was a lacrosse game (Whitman [in white] vs. Western Washington Univ.) on the "quad" (see map). It was quite cold and windy, but that didn't deter many enthusiastic spectators on the sideline. Brigitte took time out from her studying and papers (she's a biology major and has a killer course schedule this year) to watch part of the game, wrapped up in a blanket.

Other activities that day included a massive shopping expedition, two more restaurants, and a movie ("Semi-pro"). Unfortunately Brigitte could not join us for these because of her aforementioned killer schedule. Ken made the rounds of various student parties Sat night -- once again we discreetly retired to our hotel.

We took off for the long drive back to Edmonds around 9:15 Sun morning, hoping to beat the late-afternoon heavy westbound traffic over Snoqualmie Pass. But before doing so, I zipped around campus for a few semi-random shots:

Reid Campus Center:

Memorial Building:

Walking around the west side of Memorial Bldg. toward the quad:

Looking across the quad to the north and east:

Penrose library:

Hall of Science:

Cordiner Hall. A performing arts hall. This is where we saw Ken in a couple of choir concerts during our Dec 2004 visit.

Sherwood athletic center. Here we see the climbing wall. [Ken is taking a "Beginning climbing" class this semester.]

Looking across Boyer Ave. to the area south of Memorial Bldg. Most of the buildings seen here are residence halls. This is the prettiest part of campus, due to the presence of a stream and some bridges.