Ken Anderson at Whitman (Dec 04-06, 2004 visit)

Steve's son Ken started his first year at Whitman College in Sep 2004. Whitman is in Walla Walla, in the southeast corner of Washington state, next to the Oregon border.

Steve and Chris drove from Edmonds, WA to visit the campus, for the first time, on Sat, Dec 04, 2004. Driving time is ~4.5-5.0 hr.

Whitman is small and blends in unobtrusively with surrounding residential and commercial neighborhoods. This small sign at the corner of Boyer and Stanton marks one of the entrances:

Our first interest was to see Ken's dorm. It's Jewett Hall, in the NE corner of the campus.

Ken is in the "2-West" wing, Room 221.

This photo (by their door) shows Ken with his roommate Matt Witek. Like many assigned roommates, they have their share of differences, but mostly get along fine.

The room is small, like all freshman dorm rooms, but Ken has decorated it in his inimitable style.

Jewett has numerous common rooms, some quite large, for kids to hang out. We didn't have this kind of luxury when I was a freshman!

There were choir concerts on Sat and Sun night, both of which featured Ken as soloist. There are three guys at the left front of the stage in this photo. He's the middle one.

Here he is in his tux shortly after the Sun concert.

We met Ken's new girlfriend Haley. I forgot to take a picture of her, but needless to say she's gorgeous.

Other campus features of interest:

Lyman House, another student residence, next door to Jewett. Dominates one side of the large grassy "quad".

Reid Campus Center, where we ate dinner on Sat (just before going out to nearby Main St. to see a long parade of community Christmas floats) and Sun (with Ken and Haley, just before the concert).

Cordiner Hall, where the concerts take place. Great acoustics. A huge pipe organ.

Memorial Building, the oldest place on campus (built 1899), listed in the "National Register of Historic Places". Students go here for registration, tuition payment, and so on.

Hall of Science, the newest building on campus. Ken will have an astronomy class here next semester.

The cafeteria shared by residents of Jewett and Lyman.

The food here is apparently nothing to write home about. Ken cajoled us into taking him to Wendy's.