Steve & Chris home page

Jan: Ken gets drivers license
Jan: Chris, Mary, Joyce in Belize
Jan: misc. photos of Chris, Steve, et al.
Apr: Snowater vacation; Ken passport photo
Jun: Father's Day with Medina family at Kathy & Mark's house
Jul: hike on Walt Bailey trail
Jul: hike at Wallace Falls

Aug: Chris & Steve in Australia
Dec: visit with Ken at Whitman College

Apr: condo on 210th St SW - just moved in
Apr: house in Claremont, CA where Steve lived age 3-5
Apr: visit with Matt at Pomona College
Jun: garden at condo
Jun: Ken and friends in Thailand
Aug: Oregon: Sunriver, etc.
Sep: condo after restoration

Jan: trip to Bay Area
Jan: Janice & Sean's wedding
May/ Jun: Matt & Ken travels in Europe
Jun: Chris in Colorado
Jun: Quincy Wildlife Area
Jul: Walt Bailey trail
Jul: Mt. Dickerman, with Ken
Aug: garden at condo
Aug: Oregon: Three Sisters Wilderness area, Smith Rock
Dec: Christmas Eve with Medina family at Kathy & Mark's house

Jan: Ken in Scotland (and Paris)
Mar: Maui
May: party for Kathy & Danyelle at Joey's house
Jul: Sunriver area
Aug: Big Mt. Si trail with Ken, Brigitte, Anu
Sep: Mt. Forgotten trail
Oct: Grandma Doan's house in Poughkeepsie, NY
Oct: (i) nursery in Janice & Sean's house; (ii) Halloween and garden at S&C condo
Dec: Berkeley, CA

Mar: visit (#2) with Ken at Whitman College
Mar: visit to Matt's house in Wallingford
Jun: Quincy Wildlife Area
Jun: Sunriver area
Aug: Dick Medina's 80th birthday party
Oct: Steve & Chris wedding
Dec: Christmas Eve with Medina family, and Matt, at S&C condo

Jan: Ken & Brigitte in Japan
May: S&C bike trips
May: Centennial bike trail, Snohomish
Jun: Quincy Wildlife Area
Jun: party to celebrate Bill Medina getting GED
Jul: Ashland Lakes hike
Jul: Dickerman Mountain hike
Aug: Medina family at Lake Cavanaugh (Dave's vacation house)
Aug: S&C in Bay Area and Pacific Grove, CA
Aug: Doan family reunion, Pacific Grove, CA
Oct: S&C at Lake Cavanaugh
Dec: Christmas Eve at S&C condo, with Medina family, Ken, Matt, Ana

Feb: Ken & Sam in Hokkaido
Mar: Ken & Sam in Kumamoto, Yokohama, Kyoto
Mar: photos of condo for sale
Apr: Ken & Sam in Okinawa
May: Ken, Sam, et al. in the Philippines
Jun: Matt & Ana's graduation ceremony, UW law school
Jun: graduation party for Catherine Medina and Kyle Komlodi
Jun: Ken, Sam, et al, Japan - the home stretch!
Jul: Ann & Ev's visit to Calif; hike with Herbert & Cathy
Aug: Sunriver area
Sep: Chris new bike
Sep: spiders in garden at condo
Oct: Ken at Georgetown Univ.

Jun: Alice's 80th bday bash in Berkeley, CA.

Jul: Sunriver trip incl. Nick, Jake, David, Noah, Janice, Sean.

Aug: Sunriver (with Nick & Jake)
Oct: Kihei (Maui)

Jan: Great Wolf Lodge (Colorado Springs) (with Nick & Jake)
Apr: Seattle (w/ Hunter, Emma)
Aug: Sunriver (w/ Nick, Jake, Ken, Kristen)
Oct: Kihei/ Wailea/ Makena